Colour Analysis & Body Shape Consultation

You know that colour, the one that people pay you compliments when you wear it as it lights up your face and makes your skin look radiant?  Would you like to know what all of your WOW colours are? Colour analysis shows you how to look your best all the time (even with no makeup ladies!). 

How does Colour Analysis work?

As a Personal Stylist, colour is one of the key tools I use to help clients look and feel their best, the power of finding the right colours for you can completely change how you look and feel. 

Within our session I’ll use specially selected drapes to determine your seasonal colours, and identify the colours that enhance your natural skin tone. I’ll show you your WOW colours and how to put them together to make you look and feel your best all the time.

What are the benefits of Colour Analysis?

Finding your harmonious colours will make you look younger and bring definition to your features. You can wear your colours with confidence knowing they suit you. It makes shopping easier and you won’t make costly colour mistakes – I can feel the stress evaporating already!

Gone will be the days of agonising over which top goes with which trousers, because when your whole wardrobe is in your colours, everything goes together - saving you time and money….

Body shape Consultation

Unsure on what to wear to flatter your body shape and accentuate your assets? 

Let me show you how to create balance and proportion and emphasize all the things you love and cleverly disguising the parts you don't.  I will share with you my expert hints and tips on styles, fabrics and patterns to help you in finding clothes that flatter your shape and look great on you.


Price £149 for up 2 hours

I would love to help you with developing your personal style!