Shop the sales like a pro

Are you seduced by the sales? With an inbox full of tempting emails luring you in it’s hard not to be.

It’s a great opportunity to invest in those killer pieces that will last season after season but you can’t justify at full price.

With my top tips I will help you make the most of your purchases:

  • Identify the gaps in your wardrobe to allow you to shop with purpose (check out my post on top tips to edit your wardrobe)
  • Make a list and stick to it – it may sound obvious but let’s face it we’ve all ended up getting carried away and buying items just because ‘it’s a bargain’
  • Sign up and register your details in advance, this will ensure you are notified when the sales start
  • Stick to a budget
  • Research is key, understand the brands that really work for your body shape to avoid any costly mistakes in poor fitting clothes
  • Invest in classic pieces that stand the test of time, think leather, cashmere, tailored items and a good quality coat
  • Think quality over quantity, look at aspirational brands that you wouldn’t normally consider as they are typically out of budget
  • Before making the purchase, can you make 3 outfits from it?
    • Ask yourself if this wasn’t in the sale, would I purchase it?
    • Does it flatter my body shape and highlight my assets?
    • Does it suit my colouring?

Happy shopping!!