Choosing the perfect sunglasses

With the promise of a heatwave on the horizon (please let it be true, I don’t think I’ve been this pale since I arrived into the world!), here’s a guide to finding the perfect pair of sunnies.

I’m obsessed with sunglasses and invest in a new pair each year (it’s a running joke amongst my girlfriends). They are the perfect Summer accessory after all!

With so many brands, shapes, and styles on the market it can feel overwhelming finding the perfect pair, but fear not, here is a guide in helping you identify your face shape to help you in bagging the ‘ones’.

Round – Your face has noticeable curves and less defined angles

Look for square, rectangle, and angular frames as these will help with balancing out your softer features.

Oval – Your forehead and jawline are approximately the same width with a curved chin

Any shape of sunglasses will look amazing on you as your features are balanced… jealous! Try not to go for anything too small as this can impact the balance of your features, oversized wayfarers, aviators, and top-heavy frames will look great on you.

Square -Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are all about the same width

Round and oval shape frames are perfect for you as they soften your features, make sure your frames are wider than your cheekbones.

Heart – Your forehead and cheekbones are wider with a narrow chin

Cat-eye is the perfect style in mimicking your face shape, aviator and round frames are great also….

Happy shopping!